‘World’s Sєxiest Chess Player’ confesses to revenge peeing on ex-boyfriend’s car

A Twitch streamer hailed as the “World’s Sєxiest Chess Player” has spoken out about how she got urine soaked revenge on an ex-boyfriend – and his car.

Andrea Botez made a name for herself on the chessboard but her relationship details have caught the attention of her fans after a recent podcast.

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She appeared with her sister Alexandra Botez, who also streams on Twitch, on the That’s What She Said podcast.

The topic turned to revenge and Andrea confessed that she decided to pee on her ex’s car after the breakup.

Whether she would have revealed it herself is another matter as it was her sister who brought it up.

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Speaking on the podcast, Andrea said: “It was a really toxic relationship. It was on and off all the time… I would do it again.

“It was really satisfying, I got it all out. Literally.”

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Her sister Alexandra added: “This is why I don’t upset Andrea. I don’t want her to pee on my stuff.”

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Andrea is now waiting to step in the ring like many influencers now look to do.

She will take on YouTube star and Challenge Accepted creator Michelle Khare as Creator Clash 2’s fourth female matchup.

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Andrea is no stranger to the ring as this will be her second boxing match after her debut fight last year..

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She took part in Ludwig’s Mogul Chessboxing Championship but ended up losing to Dina Belenkaya.

Speaking on the fight, Andrea said: “My first introduction to boxing happened through a mere accident when I signed up for a chess boxing championship

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“Even though I only had six weeks to train for that fight, during that time I felt a new type of discipline and focus that I hadn’t experienced since I quit compeтιтive chess.”

The event, Creator Clash 2, will happen on April 15.

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