Upside down ʙικιɴι trend makes return as models rock cleavage-boosting swimwear

The upside down ʙικιɴι trend has had a resurgence in recent months.

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A few years ago, Italian model Valentina Fradegrada popularised the quirky trend.

Instead of wearing her swimsuits the right way round, the model sported her top backwards.

Tying the halter neck straps across her chest works to amplify the cleavage, which is why the craze is so popular.

After Valentina started the trend, celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon.

The craze is going strong more than three years later – with the likes of Tammy Hembrow and Martha Kalifatidis rocking the look in recent weeks.

So would you try the racy swimwear craze?

While some love the style, it’s proven a bit too bonkers for some fashion fans who branded it “stupid” and “ridiculous”.

Suits you!

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Model Tammy Hembrow tried the topsy turvy swimwear craze a couple of weeks ago

Must sea

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Martha Kalifatidis, a reality TV star from Australia, wore an upside down ʙικιɴι this week

Splashing out

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Canadian reality TV Andreane Chamberland star put her own twist on the cleavage-boosting look

Oh my bod!

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Kim Kardashian lookalike Kami Osman posed in a teeny upside down ʙικιɴι on the beach

Making waves

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Miami influencer Sasha Ferro paired her upside down two-piece with a cardigan

Everything’s going swimmingly!

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New York model Mari Fonseca struck a pose in a ɴuᴅᴇ topsy turvy two-piece


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Irene Simeone said she was “just chilling” on a boat with her back to front ʙικιɴι on

Pretty in pink

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Isis Valverde wore her pink two-piece upside down before snapping a selfie

In the ɴuᴅᴇ

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Model Arantza Goett went for a monochromatic ʙικιɴι and matching sarong when she tried out the trend


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Italian model Valentina Fradegrada was the original fashionista to spark the trend


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