UFC octagon girl Brittney Palmer gives fans an eyeful in low cut top as she’s branded ‘unbelievably gorgeous’

UFC octagon girl Brittney Palmer stunned fans in a low-cut top on her trip to Las Vegas.

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And she joked she looked like a businesswoman in her custom-made ALBA suit.

Palmer attended an event held by Scale Global alongside a pal.

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She shared several pH๏τos from her day, showing off her grey suit and another blue pinstripe set.

In one pH๏τo she dazzled in a low-cut top and gave the camera a striking pose.

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She captioned the Instagram post: “Well, we’re business women…From LA” @kamela 😂 #IYKYK”

Palmer’s fans loved the look and many complimented the octagon girl’s outfit.

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One said: “That suit on youuuuu wow ❤️‍🔥”

Another added: “Absolutely Sєxy and Stunning 😍”

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A third said: “You are a beauty.”

And another commented: “Unbelievably gorgeous.”

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Palmer, 35, recently returned to the US from a holiday in Costa Rica where she relaxed on the beach and showed off her peachy bum.

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