Single mum spends £73k on plastic surgery to be ‘bimbo’ model and provide for son

A model says splashing out thousands on plastic surgery has helped her to provide for her son.

Dez Fraser believes the cosmetic enhancements she got in her 20s were well worth the money.

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The 39-year-old, from San Antonio in the US, says honing her “bimbo” looks have landed her more lucrative modelling jobs.

She said: “I struggled over the years, trying to raise my son.

“Then I decided I wanted to build up a better life for him – and myself – so I pursued more modelling after a couple of cosmetic surgeries.

“I started building up a big fan base around my procedures and modelling, so I was making a better income and could afford to get more surgeries done.”

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Dez added: “Since having the surgeries, I get more paid modelling opportunities and I have a subscription-based fan site since my surgeries.

“I’m earning more and more as the years go by.

“It is so much better financially for my family. I am happy.”

The bombshell had always been drawn to the idea of altering her appearance and discovered ‘bimbofication’ a decade ago.

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She said: “I was in my late twenties. I’d had a child, and later decided I wanted my body back to the form it was before – but this time with bigger ᴀssets.”

Dez also found the trend Sєxually appealing.

She said: “Bimbofication is the lifestyle and kink of becoming a Sєxual object, and complete immersion into character.

“It was always a kink for me, but I realised as I got older that I wasn’t the only one.

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“I found out it was actually a ‘thing’ just through lifestyle and meeting different people who were into it as well.

“What appeals to me about it is the submission and femininity.”

Dez had a breast enhancement and tummy tuck for her first time on the operating table.

Since then, she’s had 12 procedures that have set her back $100,000 (around £73,825).

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These include four breast enhancements, a boob lift, breast expanders, liposuction on her arms and back, a lip lift surgery and a tummy tuck.

Dez’s breasts are now a bra size 34NN (UK size 34JJ), with the four surgeries adding around 2,600 CC (cubic centimetres).

She’s much happier with her looks nowadays – but some of her loved ones fear she’s taking things too far.

The model said: “The people around me do support me, but they also worry for my health.

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