Sєxy barber turns Instagram model who earns £47k a week from male admirers

A barber’s life changed when she started modelling. She garnered 1.7 million followers on Instagram, who lavish her with gifts and pay her bills

Juanita Contreras Vargas used to earn a living by cutting hair.

But the former barber has left her career to pursue a very different career.

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Her good looks have helped her to garner 1.7 million followers on her Instagram page @juanita_jcv.

She regularly shares snaps from sultry pH๏τoshoots on the platform.

Male admirers shower her with gifts and pay her bills – and she rakes in cash from paying subscribers on OnlyFans too.

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The Los Angeles-based influencer estimates she earns around £47,000 a week from her new venture.

Speaking about getting into barbering, Juanita said: ”One day I remember my mom yelling at my younger brother.

“She was very angry because he wouldn’t get his hair cut – so she just grabbed some scissors basically and chopped his hair off.


“The result was very uneven – he had two actual bald spots, and they made fun of him at school a lot that day.

“He asked me if I could fix it, so I grabbed some beard trimmers and did my best.

“It actually came out decent, considering I didn’t even know how to use a clipper.


“That’s when I realised I like cutting hair, so before long I enrolled at school to learn and eventually got my license.”

Juanita was pleased to discover her “hidden talent”, but her barbering skills took a backseat when she started modelling.

She says she still does “a little bit of cutting, here and there”, but pH๏τoshoots take priority.


The bombshell explained: “Being a model online does make me look at life a different way.

“I now know that having an hourly paid job where you have to work by the rules just doesn’t suit me at all.

“I’ve always been an independent, boss type of person.”


As well as giving her more freedom, being an Instagram model has other perks.

Juanita enjoys interacting with her fans, who lavish her with presents.

She said: “I definitely have an amazing relationship with (fans).


“They always send me lots of roses, chocolates and teddy bears. One guy even paid my car bill

“I told him he didn’t have to, but he kept insisting in my DMs, saying he couldn’t resist how pretty I was.”

Well, Juanita certainly is a cut above the rest.


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