Racy streamer Amouranth launching AI version of herself to ‘satisfy needs of fans’

Fans of Twitch streamer Amouranth rejoice – the stunning internet sensation is launching an official chatbot, using artificial intelligence to recreate her voice to chat with subscribers

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Racy streamer Amouranth has promised fans an AI version of herself to “satisfy their needs”.

The stunning Twitch and OnlyFans star has reportedly already signed off on the artificial companion, simply named AI Amouranth, which mimics her voice and mannerisms to give fans the feel of a one-on-one conversation.

Amouranth is best known for her regular X-rated streams, so she appears to be under no illusions that her fans will use the new technology just for innocent chit-chat – and she hopes the AI vocals will give her fans an “all-encompᴀssing” experience.

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“I thrive on taking risks and pushing boundaries,” she told Dexerto.

“Above all, I prioritise being there for my incredible audience.

“AI Amouranth is designed to satisfy the needs of every fan, ensuring an unforgettable and all-encompᴀssing experience.”

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Amouranth, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, is one of Twitch’s most-subscribed female streamers.

But when she’s not chatting to fans online she’s also a high-flying business mogul and already boasts an impressive OnlyFans empire.

She’s now adding to her roster of enterprises with the chatbot, which will replicate her voice and intonation to give an “astonishingly realistic” experience that “blurs the lines between reality and virtual interaction”, according to a press release.

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“With AI Amouranth, fans will receive instant voice responses to any burning question they may have,” the press release said.

“Whether it’s a fleeting curiosity or a profound desire, Amouranth’s AI counterpart will be right there to provide ᴀssistance.”

AI has been a controversial talking point in recent months with the rise of chatbots like ChatGPT and AI artwork and footage making their way onto social media.

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Amouranth has become a similarly polarising subject herself after Twitch was slammed for allegedly letting her get away with raunchy livestreams that would normally fetch a ban.

It is understood the artificial companion will be launched today (Friday, May 19) on the platform Forever Voices, which already offers chatbots for other celebrities including Barack Obama and the late Steve Jobs.

Amouranth is yet to announce the venture on her social media and streaming platforms, while Forever Voices hasn’t started advertising the launch at the time of writing.

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