Playboy model flashes underboob as she wows in extreme cut-out dress

A Playboy model offered fans a flash of her boobs as she stunned while donning an extreme cut-out dress.

The dark-haired bombshell, known as Miss Brunette Bunny on Instagram, amazed fans as she posed in the plunging little number.

Jupeserise on Twitter: "Miss Bunny @BrunetteBunnny" / Twitter

People even managed to get a glimpse of her boobs as the extreme cut-out neckline left little to the imagination.

She shared the saucy snaps alongside the simple, yet cheeky, caption: “Do you like my red dress? Where would you take me on a date?”

La Chica Del Dia on Twitter: "Brunette Bunny, #ChicaDelDia #Martes 12 de  #Julio 2022" / Twitter

The dark-haired beauty then posed for a series of snaps which showed her modelling the short and bright tightly fitted dress.

As for the length, it came just below her bum cheeks, and the dress was skin-tight with a ruched effect.

Happy 4th of July from @brunettebunny_ : r/RepublicanHotties

But the action centred on the plunging neckline, as the design featured an extreme cut-out area around the model’s bust.

While the neckline went into an elegant criss-cross, a triangle was cut out from the neckline down to the middle of the tummy.

Jupeserise on Twitter: "Brunette Bunny" / Twitter

This meant that a lot of cleavage was on show, as the model flashed a lot of underboob.

Since she shared the saucy snaps more than 2,500 people have liked the pictures, and over 160 people also left comments.

Jupeserise on Twitter: "Brunette Bunny" / Twitter

It’s fair to say many people would jump at the chance of taking Miss Brunette Bunny on a date, with one even labelling the model as his “future wife”.

Meanwhile another wishful thinker said he would take the brunette beauty “anywhere she wanted to go” on a date.

Jupeserise on Twitter: "Brunette Bunny" / Twitter

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