Playboy beauty makes money from flogging ʙικιɴιs and foot pics to fans with fetishes

Playboy model Isabella Lambourne has revealed she’s always hounded by fans for feet pics.

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The blonde bombshell, 27, spoke exclusively to the Daily Star at the Hidden Events launch party in London.

She told us: “I do Playboy’s version of OnlyFans, its Playboy centerfold, not many people know Playboy has that platform, but it’s like OnlyFans.

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“Oh my god, people always want foot pictures, the people who have a foot fetish. They also want my ʙικιɴιs, they want them for like £200-£300, absolutely I’ve done it, but it’s really weird though. But I would say feet pictures do the best.”

The Playboy centerfold star also revealed her surgery plans as she is about to undergo her second boob job.

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The Coach Trip star explained: “I’m going to Istanbul next week, I am having my boobs re-done and I’m getting them bigger.

“I’m so scared of surgery when I’m on the table, I cry and get myself into a panic but I’m flying out there on my own to get them done.

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Isabella continued: “They say I’m like a D right now but I’m hoping to be like an E-F that sounds really big but these are a DD now but these don’t look like they are.

“To be honest, they need to be redone anyway but also there’s so much compeтιтion out there right now I need bigger and better.”

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But would she want anything else done?

“I would deffo get other things done, I don’t know about a BBL though as the risks with that scare me,” she said.

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Isabella began glamour modelling at the age of 18 but says the industry is now “ruined”.

The beauty explained: The thing is when I first started out I was a Zoo model, and they don’t exist anymore, there wasn’t anything like OnlyFans at the time, it was just the magazines that were hard to get into.

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“My first publication was in Zoo Australia, I sH๏τ that in Mallorca, I flew out by myself and I would love the mags to come back.

“I’m quite sad about the industry now, it’s all about followers and likes, back when I started, it was if you look good you were popular. So, I think the industry is ruined if you ask me.”

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