Playboy babe shares morning routine – but fans are distracted by wardrobe mishap

A Playboy model left fans stunned after she shared her morning routine on social media — but it wasn’t her stretches that got people talking.

Francia James, who is known as Francety to her 11.6 million Instagram followers, regularly delights her fans with her racy snaps and videos online.

The 33-year-old OnlyFans model, from Florida, rarely takes a day off from setting pulses racing, as she recently shared a video of her Sunday morning routine.

Francia James • Yostagram

In the video, which has gained more than 192,000 views, she performed her “Sunday morning stretches” in a cream-coloured bra and matching shorts.

Instagram fans were delighted by the beauty as she reached up in the air and touched down to her toes, showing off her huge chest and toned abs.

However, viewers took to the comments drooling over her ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

Francia James • Yostagram

In the clip, she appeared to have a front wedgie and that her bra could barely contain her chest.

One user wrote: “Those straps are the most responsible thing in the world right now as they are handling those milk jugs of yours, baby.”

Another joked: “Good morning sweetie nice morning lips.”

Francia James {parody rp} (@Francia_Jamesox) / Twitter

“Mmmmh what wonderful lips [devil emojis],” a third quipped. A fourth commented: “How beautiful you look in the middle of your legs, my beautiful.”

But other users were so delighted by her moves as they took to the caption begging to “do stretches with her” and describing her as a “Glorious Goddess”.

A user said: “When the Glorious Goddess of Instagram keeps fit.”

Francia James {parody rp} (@Francia_Jamesox) / Twitter

“I would love to give you a good everyday stretching,” another penned.

A third added: “Stretching is good and you are better.”

A fourth simply asked: “Can I join you?”

Francia James on Twitter: "It's amazing …we gonna ride nd wine" / Twitter

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