Paola Torrente Shares New Stunning Modelling Photoshoot

Paola Torrente is the size 46 model who finished second in Miss Italy.

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She then she was attacked for her shapes so different from those of the models.

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Today she tells Grazia how she has become a positive point of reference for many girls who just have to learn to see their own beautyWhen she finished second in the Miss Italy contest in 2016.

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she was only 22 years old. She was the first Miss Curvy and the event had the flavor of a small costume revolution. Today Paola Torrente is 28 years old, has an engineering degree.

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550 thousand followers on Instagram and is a model despite having a size 46.

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She collaborates with brands that dress women by enhancing their shapes and in these pages we see her in Chiara Boni La Petite Robe .

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«I have become testimonial of the brands I love: because the important thing is not to please others,His participation in Miss Italy has sparked a lot of controversy.

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In the end she practically stole the show from the winner, Rachele Risaliti.

Paola Torrente 4 2“I was told everything, but I also had a lot of support. It had never happened before to see a size like mine in competition.

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I grew up in the late 90s, it was the years of supermodel Kate Moss. There were models of beauty that were totally unattainable. I always had ten pounds on up until I was 18,

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let alone how I felt. I had an adult body, but I was a girl.

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At school I was the youngest in the class in age, but I was the tallest.

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I hated gym class because I was clumsy in that sweat suit.

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Even when others didn’t tell me anything, my physical characteristics led me to have a distorted view of myself.

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In my head I had heard phrases here and there, which gave me complexes. I’ve been on countless bad diets since I was 17.

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