Paige Spiranac rival Karin Hart accused of ‘trying to break the internet’ by posing in tiny ʙικιɴι in new ‘date’ pics

GOLF influencer Karin Hart has received a playful accusation after displaying her latest barely-there ʙικιɴι outfit.

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The Paige Spiranac rival, 34, stunned as she shared pH๏τos while in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Hart posed in a small blue ʙικιɴι with teddy bears on it.

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And she was seen sitting on the couch with her right leg half-crossed.

The first pic showed Hart with a serious look, followed by the next snap of the influencer smiling while holding her hair.

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Showing her love for golf, she captioned the Instagram post: “You asking me out on a date vs. you asking me to go play golf.”

Her new “date” pH๏τos led to fans jumping to the comments section to express their delight at the latest snaps.

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One said: “Literal perfection.”

Another wrote: “Looking spectacular.”

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A third boldly asked Hart: “Are you trying to break the Internet?

Hart has over 160,000 Instagram followers and counting.

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She regularly updates fans with jaw-dropping clips and pics — ranging from golf-related content to fitness tips.

On Sunday, Hart and her fitness coach, Caitlin Rice, posed in daring swimsuits as they hit the pool.

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