Model with 30HH boobs shares tips on ‘how to dress big breasts correctly’

A model with 30HH boobs has shared tips on how other women with large chests can ‘dress them correctly’.

Ukrainian beauty Louisa Khovanski said women who have larger breasts should focus on ‘pieces and looks that value them’.

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The 28-year-old said: “Thin straps enhance our breasts and end up making our necks thinner, bringing a whole delicacy to your look.

“You should also avoid super-closed pieces, because instead of valuing your breasts, you end up leaving them with a greater volume and less sexy.”

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She continued: “The best necklines for those who want to show their breasts are those in ‘V’ or ‘U’ shape because this opening also enhances the bosom and breasts.

“And an infallible tip is to wear pieces with the shoulders out, so you can show your breasts more in a very sexy way.”

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Louisa said that women should remember that “big breasts help a lot when it comes to seducing”.

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Despite her comments, Louisa previously admitted that she’s planning to reduce her 30HH boobs as they ‘put her in danger’.

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She said that she began “suffering with her breasts”; when she was only nine years old, as she would often get bullied for their larger than average size.

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