Model who was told she’s ‘getting fat’ by date hits back with racy lingerie pics

A model who was cruelly told she was ‘getting fat’ by a date has hit back with a series of racy lingerie and swimwear sH๏τs.

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Amanda Nicole Martin, 27, from Las Vegas, US, stunned social media users after revealing her crush told her she’s ‘getting fat’.

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She shared screensH๏τs of the messages to furious fans who quickly rallied to her defence.

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Despite her obvious beauty, the model was recently left feeling “sad and insecure” as her crush fat-shamed her, saying she was “starting to put on weight”.

Amanda Nicole • Yostagram

The man, who has not been named, also offered to help the model “slim back up” – to which she replied: “I don’t think I should respond to you right now”.

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Amanda took to her Instagram page (@the_amanda_nicole), where she has 8.1 million followers, to talk about the situation.

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She posted screensH๏τs of the texts with her followers, who were shocked by the revelation.

Amanda Nicole • Yostagram

Also sharing sultry pH๏τos of herself in a purple lingerie set, she captioned the post: “I sent these pics to my crush today and he told me I’m getting fat…”

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The post has since gone viral with over 126,000 likes and people are incensed by the insensitive remark by the man, who has not been named.

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Amanda Nicole • Yostagram

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