Love Island star’s grandad was left ‘horrified’ after googling racy ITV bedroom scene

Love Island’s Coco Lodge revealed her grandad Googled her after her ITV stint – to find some rather racy scenes.

During her time on the show last year, Coco managed to turn Andrew Le Page’s head and things got a little heated at the second villa.

The pair’s moment went viral after he confessed it all to his main villa chick Tasha Ghouri where he admitted: “I licked her t** or whatever”.

Talking to Coco this week, she revealed she will “never live down” the moment but can see the funny side to it now.

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Coco exclusively said: “I will never live it down. It was so iconic. Like it’s funny and it’s something we all do, so it’s quite jokes.

“Luckily my parents are very chill and I’m way too open with them as it is, so it was like nothing for them to hear.

“My granddad did do some Googling of me after and I think he did see. That’s pretty horrendous.”

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After the show, Coco went celibate for several months during her “anti-men” era.

She added: “I literally hated men at that point. I hated them. I didn’t want to go near anyone like I wanted men to just f*** off.

“But I went seven months without even kissing anyone, seven months…

Coco Lodge lifts lid on Love Island secrets including Casa Amor filming  break not seen on TV - Irish Mirror Online

“I could have got nunnery and they would have said ‘yeah’. They would have loved it. The nuns would have loved this celibate girl.

“It was seven months and it was not OK.”

Talking about being a Casa Amor bombshell, she also said that coming in at that point has its difficulties and “isn’t the same” experience.

Love Island's Coco takes another swipe at show and claims she was 'forced  to wear a bikini' | The Irish Sun

Coco continued: “It’s not the same experience going into Casa, everyone kind of hates you. When I first got out, I felt a bit better about it because by being in the villa and then coming out and seeing opportunities people got, you really see the difference.

“Now when I look back, I’m just like, the whole thing as a whole was an amazing experience that you’ll never do again. So you just have to take the good rather than comparing yourself as millions of people never get to do it.”

Love Island's Coco Lodge puts on a busty display in a series of saucy  bikini snaps | Daily Mail Online

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