Lofty ‘7ft’ model says she earns £250k a month from saucy pics but gets called ‘liar’

Marie Temara says she’s earning a whopping £250,000 a month selling racy snaps online. But fans think there’s something fishy going on as they question if she’s telling the complete truth

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A model who claims she’s 7ft tall is making £250,000 a month selling saucy snaps – but fans have branded her a “liar”.

Lofty Marie Temara, 28, from Palm Beach, Florida, says she’s part of the “tallest family on Instagram”.

And she’s using her USP to her advantage, with an army of admirers subscribing to her flaunting her body online.

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But in her latest Instagram post, questions were raised over whether she’s being truthful about her height.

On Thursday, Marie posted a clip which showed her standing between her dad, who she lists as 6ft 3ins and her 7ft 5ins tall mum.

Marie captioned it: “No more short genes in our family. Did you get the tall or short genes?!”

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But after a quick search online, some of her 1.2 million fans realised that everything might not be as it seems.

In fact, she might not be quite 7ft tall – which would make her a few inches lankier than beanpole former footballer Peter Crouch – but a comparatively meagre 6ft 2ins.

One person wrote: “According to Google, Marie is actually 6ft 2ins.”

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Another added: “Why do you feel the need to lie?”

A third agreed: “The tallest woman in the world is 7 feet. And your mom or you ain’t it. This is just sad cringe.”

Marie claims she comes from a long lineage of giants.

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Mum Christine might in fact be 6ft 5ins. Her brothers Shane and Troy are 6ft 9ins and 6ft 10ins.

Growing up, the model was embarrᴀssed about her height as she towered over “short kings”.

But now, she’s using it to her advantage and her bank account is near bursting.

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The creator ditched her accountancy job to flash her flesh on an online subscription service.

The self-styled ‘tallest model on OnlyFans’ sees her height as a positive point of difference, and said her success is due to the fact that a lot of people have a fetish for gigantism.

One recent Twitter post saw Marie flaunt her endless legs in a pair of lycra shorts with the caption: “Let me crush you with my thighs.”

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