‘Lads give me Sєxual attention as I’m real-life Barbie – one man wanted to buy me’

A “real-life Barbie” warned young women about predators online and in the music industry.

Gabriela Jirackova – who goes by Lolo Pink online – is an opera and pop singer who is often referred to as “The First Czech Barbie”.

She has been in the music industry since she was a child and told Daily Star she regularly receives unwanted Sєxual advances.

První česká Barbie: Gabriel Jiráčková si pořídila prsa… | Kafe.cz

The 23-year-old said: “I would like to draw the attention of all young women artists and influencers, like myself, to the predators lurking everywhere on social media and especially in the entertainment industry!

“I support all brave girls and young women, encouraging them not to be afraid of pursuing their dreams.

“However, I must immediately add the danger we women face, especially those who use their bodies, beauty, or talent as their business, is extreme.”

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Lolo has been singing professionally since she was a mere seven years old.

It was at this age she started performing national anthems at world championships for various sports and singing in theatres.

Over the years she also received recognition from Czech Republic’s best critics and opera singers long before she appeared as Barbie on social media.

“Even back then, I received numerous Sєxual offers, and more than once, a producer wanted to buy me entirely,” Lolo shared.

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“The highest offer I received for my exclusivity back then was $8.5million (£6.7m)! However, the conditions were unacceptable to me – you will never see me naked on OnlyFans or similar platforms!”

She added: “That’s why I choose carefully who I collaborate with. Coincidentally, two international talent agencies are currently interested in me with much more exciting offers.

“That’s why I want to convey a message to all aspiring artists – it’s important to know your worth!”

Gabriela Jirackova Official (@lolotabella) • Instagram photos and videos

Lolo first went under the knife when she was 17 years old, which is when she got her first boob job.

She has had sculpting liposuction on her abdomen, inner thighs and back and also had a minor nose correction and a lip lift.

Lolo regularly also treats herself to several non-invasive procedures, such as subtle hyaluronic acid fillers in the jawline, chin, lips, and cheekbones.

Na dalších návštěvách se tvář ještě doplní a dotvaruje do finální podoby”:  Gabriela Jiráčková. Česká Barbie absolvovala další úpravy svého těla.  fakta.today

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