Instagram model spills trick to make your booty look great in pictures

Danielley Ayala is famous for her eye-popping curves.The American model has amassed 3.3 million followers on Instagram by showing them off.But according to the influencer, there’s a tip she uses to get her booty looking better.

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To achieve the appearance of a bigger and perkier behind, you have to get your pose right.Apparently, arching your back and sticking out your rear should help to do the trick.In a recent post, the 25-year-old explained: “I finally figured out that arching your back makes your butt look good.”

Danielley Ayala on Twitter: "What's on you're mind today?" / Twitter

More than 261,000 fans liked Danielley’s post.And many said the trick is working well for the buxom model.One commenter remarked: “Yes it does. Awesome body.”Another said: “Good job bringing out your booty.”

Danielley Ayala on Twitter: "The bounce here is supreme" / Twitter

And a third added:”No kidding lol? You look great.”While dozens of Instagram users gushed over Danielley’s hack, many said she didn’t need to worry about striking a pose for pictures.One responder pointed out: “You don’t need to arch your back to look good.”

Danielley Ayala on Twitter: "TRY ON HAUL IS LIVEEEE" / Twitter

A second wrote: “You are so drop dead beautiful you seriously need none of these tricks.”And another remarked: “Everything you do looks amazing.”It’s not the first time Danielley’s posts have gone viral in recent months.

Danielley Ayala on Twitter: "Sour patch kid 🤭" /  Twitter

Danielley Ayala on Twitter: "Almost 2023…" / Twitter

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Danielley Ayala on Twitter: "Coffee cup is empty because I don't drink  coffee" / Twitter

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