Instagram model, Mary Magdalene, is really into plastic surgery. She’s reportedly spent more than $100,000 on her habit. The toll on her health might be even greater.

Surgery-addict 38J model shares shocking video after implant BURSTS in one  of her 22lb boobs | The Sun

The 30-year-old has almost died multiple times during her procedures. She also suffers from severe back pain from her outrageously enhanced breasts.

Uniboob Queen Mary Magdalene
Instagram model had her 38J breast implant explode (Image Credit: Mary Magdalene)

Mary revealed a few days ago that one of her 38J breast implants had exploded. It left her with one enormous breast next to a much smaller, no longer surgically enhanced, boob. The new look has her calling herself the “Uniboob Queen.”

Instagram model MARY MAGDALENE shares shocking video after massive implant  bursts in one of her 22lb boobs (PHOTOs) | DAILY POST

She announced in a video that featured her uniboob look, “Basically, my breast implant popped – again.”

As with any tragedy, for those who are into this kind of stuff anyway, there is a positive outcome. Mary went on to reveal that she has a surgery planned to have both of the implants removed. She said she’s, “going back natural.”Instagram Model Mary Magdalene's 38J Breast Implant 'Popped'

That goes for other parts of her body too. The exploding implant might be a blessing in disguise. Assuming that she actually follows through with her plans to return to a more natural look.

Mary, who somehow has a large OnlyFans following, has been spending her time prior to her surgery embracing her new uniboob look.

Why would she not? Everything is content these days.

If your insanely large breast implant decides to call it quits one day you better hope you have a full charge on your phone. This needs to be documented.

Mary Magdalene: Model's 38J implant bursts, left with 'alien uniboob' |  Daily Mail Online

The Uniboob Queen Used To Look Pretty Normal

The former stripper and escort started having plastic surgery done at the age of 21. In addition to her multiple boob jobs, Mary’s had everything done from an eyebrow lift, multiple nose jobs, liposuction and fat transfers.

Having her breast implant explode is just the latest complication she’s had from her procedure. She’s had so many procedures on her lips that she can’t close her mouth. Back pain form her absurdly large boobs have caused her to use a wheelchair at times.

All of those issues sound like reasons to reevaluate plastic surgery. If you’re not familiar with Mary then wait until you see what she used to look like. It’s crazy that anyone would think what she’s turned into looks better than what she used to look like.

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