‘I’m second most liked OnlyFans model and first place doesn’t faze me’

Many of us spend our lives trying to climb to the very top of the career ladder.

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But one model is totally content with being the second most popular content creator on OnlyFans.

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Mags, from Texas in the US, has been pipped to the first position by Bryce Adams.

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But the 25-year-old isn’t fussed about dethroning the fellow American as she has other aspirations in life.

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While Mags finds her success an “ego boost”, she is also juggling jobs in litigation and finance.

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Mags.IRL on Twitter: "Tummy kisses pls https://t.co/aViwfD1C2e" / Twitter

Mags.IRL on Twitter: "Fishnets make me act up https://t.co/dv3BItxOun" /  Twitter

Mags.IRL on Twitter: "Tinkerbell goes clubbing https://t.co/pN3SrOIi4z" /  Twitter

Mags.IRL on Twitter: "Look at my buns https://t.co/WTePD5w6b4" / Twitter

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