‘I’m known as “OnlyFans girl” at law school – but I’m not ashamed’

EXCLUSIVE: Mags is the second most liked OnlyFans model in the world and is training to become a lawyer. But, that means she comes with a reputation to class – and is not ashamed

An OnlyFans model training to be a lawyer revealed what it’s really like having brains and beauty – and she’s not “ashamed” of it.

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Mags, 25, from Texas, US, juggles her studies with sharing Sєxy snaps on the adult subscription site.

She has Bar exams firmly on her mind, but has still managed to become the second most-liked creator on the platform.

She’s not afraid to make her saucy modelling career known to all – especially those in the legal community – and she doesn’t care what critics say“Going through law school as the ‘the girl with the OnlyFans’ thickened my skin like you would not believe,” Mags exclusively shared with Daily Star.

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“I deal with it by asking myself if I would trade lives with that person and the answer has ALWAYS been an emphatic no.

“Also, I’ve always made a point to out myself immediately to people who matter to me.

“A lot of people try to stay incognito to avoid the social repercussions and I knew that would never work for me.”Mags, who has been posting content since she was 18, has openly shared what she does with work colleagues and her parents.

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Thankfully, no issues have come from being an OnlyFans model as she refuses to let others have the “power” over her.

“I told my parents as soon as I started doing this work and I was very fortunate that they’ve always supported my choices,” she admitted.

“I told the school administration immediately and there wasn’t an issue.“I’ve told every boss I’ve had about it, including my current ones. No issues.”

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She continued: “I won’t let people have power over me.

“I think people don’t view it as shameful if you yourself are not ashamed.

“Nor would I choose to ᴀssociate with people who want to make me feel bad about it.

“Everyone makes different choices and I have no regrets about mine.”

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Mags claimed that she has made more money from OnlyFans than she will ever make practising law.

However, she sees her future in the courtroom and not in front of the camera.

“Despite making more on OF than I’d ever make in the practice of law, I stayed in school because I knew that this wasn’t a forever job,” she voiced.

“And not even in a ‘it’s harder to make money as an aging model’ kind of way. For me it’s more in a ‘I want to be able to quit at any time’ kind of way.

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“What makes this job so fun is that I love it. Having to make Sєxual content if you’re not having a good time really tears you up.

“I still love my job and I plan to keep doing it as long as it keeps making me happy.

“Honestly, I’ve probably extended my time in this job by giving myself the true freedom to quit at any time.”

Previously, Mags spoke to Daily Star about how she became the second most liked OnlyFans model in the world – and is not bothered about going for gold.

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She admitted that her silver medal helped her gain credibility within the legal community, although being known by classmates as “the girl on OnlyFans.”

“The biggest benefit [of second place] is that it lends you a ton of credibility,” she said.

“This job has a lot of drawbacks in public life, but people seem to respect you more if you can show them that you’re at the top of your field.

“In that way it’s been very helpful for helping my cohort in the legal community cut me some slack about making untraditional choices.”

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