‘I’m a sexy Wrexham content creator — I earn thousands thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ show’

Ryan Reynolds is delivering for the people of Wrexham in all sorts of ways.

Not content with just galvanising the city and it’s football club, the millionaire Canadian A-lister is inadvertently helping OnlyFans stars as well. That’s according to Welsh beauty Alaw Haf, who tells Daily Star Sport in an exclusive interview that she’s more popular than ever thanks to Wrexham’s wide-reaching documentary on Disney+, which has gone viral in the United States.

Alaw Haf on Twitter: "Just a reminder 💫 https://t.co/ezV1YQhThE" / Twitter

Alaw, who boasts more than 103,000 followers on Instagram and over 52,000 likes on OnlyFans, says: “Even if it’s not on Only Fans I have seen that Wrexham is now one of my top locations for followers on my Instagram. I enjoy creating the Wrexham content so I appreciate that other people do too.”

The 23-year-old from Mold is a leading contributor on OnlyFans but posts plenty of teasing snaps on her Instagram as well. From hot glamour shoots to bikinis and raunchy lingerie, Alaw is surely Wrexham’s sexiest fan.

Alaw Haf (@alawhafx) / Twitter

Reflecting on how much more interest there has been in her since the documentary and the Reynolds takeover, Alaw says: “I have! I speak to some of the American fans, mainly about the game or Wrexham related stuff. Some ask for tips about when they’re coming over. I’ve had messages from everywhere that people are watching Wrexham even in Australia!”

Wrexham’s appeal is now far and wide, as shown by their impressive pre-season tour of the United States. But has that translated into an increase in business for Alaw on OnlyFans?

Alaw Haf on Twitter: "Coming to a site near you soon 😛  https://t.co/CnDi8wERXN" / Twitter

Speaking to us just before the club’s promotion from the National League a couple of months ago, the answer is an emphatic yes. “I can’t give an exact indication of how much I make on OnlyFans,” she says, before admitting: “But I’m lucky that it’s in the thousands.”

Alaw Haf on Twitter: "Work mode ON ☕️ https://t.co/SkY2qCrrkt" / Twitter

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