‘I’m a glam model – fans are so obsessed with me they offered £10k for my hair’

A model revealed some of the weird requests she gets from fans – like paying for her dirty socks and tights.

Nina Woolley, 29, from the UK, poses for the likes of Playboy and isn’t afraid to put her bust to good use on OnlyFans and FrontFanz.

NINA WOOLLEY 💋 on Twitter: "Good morning 🐆😘 https://t.co/p2aLZvRs7S" /  Twitter

The blonde bombshell is used to stripping off into teeny bikinis and lacy lingerie to impress her loyal fanbase.

But, some fans are more frenzied than others.

NINA WOOLLEY 💋 on Twitter: "RT if you love my new jumpsuit 🥰🖤  https://t.co/BLjSodJmrf" / Twitter

Speaking exclusively with Daily Star, Nina exposed the reality of being a gorgeous model where some men can be very dirty – quite literally.

“I’ve got a guy who asked me to pull out my hair and send my hair and the bobbles with it,” Nina candidly shared.

NINA WOOLLEY 💋 on Twitter: "You go on a blind date and I'm waiting at the  table - what you do? 🥰 https://t.co/V9v9qAphVz" / Twitter

“Well, he used the word ‘scalp’ actually.

“I think he asked for £10,000 but I did not do it.

NINA WOOLLEY 💋 on Twitter: "Follow me on only fans! 🔞  https://t.co/2qpYZlxsx6 Or subscribe to my AdmireMe for my premium content  https://t.co/FgjMmAZe1p https://t.co/gHZDTVy2hw" / Twitter

“Also, I had a guy who wanted my socks and tights to make cups of tea out of.

“I did not do that either. There’s got to be a line.

NINA WOOLLEY 💋 on Twitter: "Just after I got asked if I was drunk, said  no, then proceeded to fall over and skin all my knees  https://t.co/PcL2erV1Hi" / Twitter

“If I go through my page now they’ll probably be way worse – but they are the two that stick out.”

NINA WOOLLEY 💋 on Twitter: "PVC season 🖤 https://t.co/kOZsHAyh8e" /  Twitter

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