‘I used to work in Subway – now men pay me £380 an hour to rate their footlongs’

A model ditched making Subway sandwiches for humiliating blokes for mega money.

Asia Doll, from Canada, earns six figures from her raunchy career.

Asia Doll on Twitter: "RT to adopt me as your new 🐱  https://t.co/PzYemzPJ4N" / Twitter

After graduating from university, the beauty worked as a stripper and in the popular sandwich shop to make ends meet.

But Asia Doll knew that there was more to life than packing sarnies.Screenshot 2023 07 15 185304

So she packed in her minimum wage 9-5 Subway gig and took the plunge into the Sєx industry.

It was then when Asia Doll found that she has a particular knack for degrading, often well-paid, men.

Asia Doll on Twitter: "My OF is currently 50% off ❤️  https://t.co/0gF2hllRPH ❤️Ladies, RT for RT ❤️ #sexylingerie #blondeasian  #onlyfansasian https://t.co/6RD93m1yzz" / Twitter

“I’ve seen a pattern in men who like to be humiliated,” Asia Doll told exclusively us.

“I’m not saying this is for everyone but a lot of them have high positions in work and every day life, they like to be in a low submissive position Sєxually to balance out their dominant roles in real life.

I used to work in Subway – now men pay me £380 an hour to rate their  footlongs' - Daily Star

“Or they came from money, and they’ve had a lot of Sєxual experiences already and need some new form of stimulation.

“The normal stuff gets boring for them.”

The G-cup chested model charges $500(£384) an hour for a texting session of humiliation.

Grimm0ne (@Grimm0ne) / Twitter

And, she’s certainly right about them not wanting ‘normal’.

Although Asia Doll makes a lot more in an hour than she did making sandwiches, the work is lot more gnarly than it was behind the Subway counter.

Some men like to be hounded with abusive remarks about the size of their penis – or performance – and others like to give into the grim demands from Asia Doll.358523475 1278528906202464 7673997787120594652 n

In exchange for the hefty pay packet, the content creator isn’t afraid to humiliate her clients – even if she has to watch them eat their own waste…

“I couldn’t stand the idea of working a 9-to-5 anymore,” Asia Doll explained.

Asia Doll on Twitter: "RT if you like lace 💖 https://t.co/3pchTEZYNt" /  Twitter

“So I do enjoy humiliating men money wise because I don’t even have to get naked.

“They pay good – I wouldn’t do it for free.

I used to work in Subway – now men pay me £380 an hour to rate their  footlongs' - Daily Star

“I charge $500 (around £380) an hour texting session…

“I tell them nobody wants them and they don’t have a choice to pay girls online for a little attention, just really mean things.”

Asia Doll on Twitter: "RT if I can be your summer fling ☀️🌸  https://t.co/WQ6ncXHG5c" / Twitter

Asia Doll doesn’t have to take any pictures in return – all the men want is to be humiliated by the popular content creator.

Alongside her degradation work, the beauty also dabbles in roleplay that she often posts to her 358,000 Instagram followers.355821145 678270260790522 7256511716454295088 n

“I started creating content five years ago, but only started getting traction in the last year,” she said.

“I started for fun, and never thought I could make a full time living out of this.

Asia Doll on Twitter: "RT if you'd do cardio with me 😮‍💨  https://t.co/nsoRm5AYuL" / Twitter

“When I started, I had months as low as four figure months, and as I’ve put in more work, I’ve had months as high as six figure months.

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