‘I make $1k a day as professional girlfriend – my partner is ok with it but has one rule’

Despite being just 30-years-old, Jenna Madison has gone from a young woman struggling to make ends meet to being well on her way to becoming a millionaire.

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The former stripper, whose real life boyfriend is very supportive of what she does for a living, is no stranger to using her ᴀssets to help her financially.

Madison danced on the pole to help raise money for her family after her parents’ house went into foreclosure and her mum lost her job.

Now an influencer with a bank account bursting with cash, Jenna pulls in up to £32,000 ($25,000-$40,000 USD) per month from her job – averaging $1k a day.

Going from rags to riches, she has now bought a home of her own, spends £1,000 ($1,300) on a personal trainer each month and loves spoiling herself with facials, Botox and skincare products.

“I love being a professional girlfriend,” Jenna, who has 124,000 followers on Instagram (@didshereallyomgg ), told ɴuᴅᴇ PR.

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“I get really intimate with my boyfriends, talking to them as if they are right next to me.

“Like a regular girlfriend, they will message me if they’re having a tough day and I give them emotional support.

“They might vent about work, friends or family, or maybe they are looking for a more sensual chat to help them release stress.

“We have a lot of Sєxual moments too, I’m always there for them when they need me.

“When I started stripping at 19, it was because we were having a lot of money problems.

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“Our house went into foreclosure and mum had lost her job. I kept it a secret for two months then finally told her about it.

“She was actually slightly relieved in a way because she knew I was able to support myself and her for whatever we needed.

“When I became an OnlyFans model, I was worried she would get really mad at me but I’m so blessed and lucky that mum is so open-minded.

“She tells me all the time that I’m a survivor.

“My dad and I don’t talk about what I do, though I suspect he might know about it. But he’ll love me no matter what.”

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Jenna estimates that she has 2,500-3,000 boyfriends in total but spends most of her time with seven of them every day, dedicating an hour to each man.

But it’s a pricey service, with the model charging $100 per minute for things like a custom video, though a general conversation can be much cheaper.

However, the model doesn’t just have partners online; she’s also been in a serious relationship for six years offline.

She said: “On an average day, I talk to whoever is online and needs me for the time being.

“Sometimes it can be emotionally draining and demanding to juggle my real life partner with my online boyfriends but it’s nothing that a day off can’t fix.

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“Because it’s not a one-way relationship – these men also satisfy me emotionally and Sєxually, it really is give and take.

“Being a professional girlfriend has helped me as well because helping others gives me purpose.

“But I’ve noticed that my long-term partner does get a little jealous sometimes when he sees me in the bedroom making videos for my fans and fulfilling their biggest fantasies.

“But I make sure I don’t neglect him and keep him satisfied.

“He’s okay with everything I do but we have one boundary, I don’t film any content with other men.”

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Jenna believes that men come to her because she gives them a “real” connection and it’s not just about Sєx.

She said: “I’ve been told my body is the ‘ultimate fantasy’ because I have a small waist and larger bottom, and D cup breasts.

“But this isn’t just physical – I offer a lot of value in other ways.

“This is also about real connections.”

Despite her best intentions, the model says she has received backlash from friends who don’t agree with her job – but she believes they are just “envious”.

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Jenna said: “‌”My real life boyfriend gets a lot of backlash from family members about me being on OnlyFans but he tries not to let it bug him.

“A lot of friends have frowned at my job and some even stopped ᴀssociating with me.”

“I don’t hang out with them anymore and I don’t care, the fact that my name is in their mouth actually makes me giggle.

“I just think they’re a little envious.”

And there’s certainly a good reason for it, with Jenna having formed a very successful career as a professional girlfriend.

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She’s not afraid to spend her money but has invested much of it in real estate to secure her future.

Jenna said: “I’ve made enough money to save up and invest in real estate.

“I have a luxurious home now and I plan on buying more rental properties in the future.

“I’d also like to put my money away in a high-interest retirement account and other types of funds so I can safely retire from this in the next five years.

“The most extravagant thing I spend my money on is 100% my looks.

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“I have a personal trainer that I spend $100 per session with, three times a week, and I love facials, Botox and skincare products.

“I’m also getting a boob job soon and possibly a nose job.”

Outside of her saucy OnlyFans career, Jenna lives a “low-key vanilla lifestyle”.

She added: “I love spending time in nature, going on long walks with my dog and spending time at friends’ houses or working out.

“I like to live a very low-key vanilla life outside of OnlyFans.”

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