Homeless woman who stole from mum to survive is now OnlyFans model earning £1m

An ex-teacher who was homeless and stole from her mum to survive now earns a fortune on OnlyFans.

Eliza Rose Watson, 31, quit her teaching job to earn more cash when she decided to join the adults-only platform.

She turned to the site at the end of 2019 after years of drug and alcohol abuse.


Now she credits OnlyFans with keeping her on the straight and narrow, as well as helping her escape homelessness.

But before her success, it hasn’t been the easiest journey for Eliza Rose.

After graduating from university with a degree in psychology in 2016, the beauty began modelling and enjoyed constant partying.

She began dabbling with cocaine and other drugs, staying out all night and going on benders that would last for days.


However, between the ages of 23 and 27, her party life escalated and she nearly lost everything

The model said she would often “lie, cheat and steal” to fund her habit, regularly shoplifting boozes and begging strangers for money.

She said: “There were a few times I’d get paid before a job and then just not turn up or call in sick, then never speak to them again.

“I had no shame. I thought nothing of walking up to people and asking for 20p – telling them I need to get a bus or use the payphone.”


Eliza Rose added: “Once I was so desperate for a drink I put up a Facebook post about not being able to sleep because there was a spider in my bedroom.

“A random guy asked how he could help and I said I needed a drink to get me to sleep. I ended up walking round to this bloke’s house at 2am for half a bottle of gin.

“He probably thought he was going to get a date out of it but I just listened to him rant on about politics.”

And the model would often take money from her mum to cover the costs of her addiction.


She would frequently ask for money, saying it was for cabs or food, but spent it on alcohol and cigarettes.

After falling out with her family, the graduate didn’t have a fixed address and became homeless, sleeping at friends’ houses or sofas of random men.

She detailed: “Any money I could get went on getting alcohol or cocaine. When I first started modelling and going out I liked drinking cocktails, but by the end I was necking neat vodka and whisky.”

Fortunately her life changed when her friend’s pal invited her to come to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.


Eliza Rose said: “She turned up at my door one day and I was so tired that I went with her.

“I was at the end of being able to cope. I’d made several attempts at suicide by then, spending time in hospital and police custody. I knew I couldn’t go on.”

After a few meetings, the model slowly began to get back on her feet where she took a job as a teacher for children aged two to four.

The model was completely honest about her substance abuse in the past and the headteacher wanted to give her a chance.

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But when the ex-teacher wanted to make more money, she decided to launch her own OnlyFans page in 2019 to top up her salary.

She first played around with it by adding some of her old glamour modelling snaps.

Then by February 2020, Eliza Rose racked up £2,000 on one month and when the pandemic hit, she turned over £100,000.

Eliza, who has over 928,000 followers on Instagram, now works Monday to Sunday often 16 hours a day talking to fans aged between 20 and 60.

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She explained: “There are women who find me attractive and also women who want fitness tips and advice about OnlyFans. It’s a real community.

“Most of all, I love that I can be there for my friends and family now. I was flaky for so many years while I was an addict, always cancelling plans and letting people down.

“Now if my family or my mum need me, I can be there for them.

“OnlyFans enables me to have that flexible life and the high I get from exercising is better than any drug or drink.”

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