‘Hardcore Barbie’ parodies Margot Robbie film and promises very naughty scenes

EXCLUSIVE: One of the world’s best known porn stars Sara St Clair – AKA ‘Hardcore Barbie’ – has promised to release an X-rated parody version of Margot Robbie’s Barbie film Move over, Margot Robbie.

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Another blonde bombshell believes she would have been an obvious choice to play the lead role in the upcoming Barbie film. Sara St Clair – known as ‘Hardcore Barbie’ – is promising fans an X-rated version of the Hollywood blockbuster. She spoke to Daily star after Margot Robbie’s feet were dubbed “literal porn” after a second film trailer was released. The star-studded cast includes Ryan Gosling, Emma Mackey, Dua Lipa and Will Ferrell – but adult star Sara believes she would have “killed it” as Barbie.

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She told us: “I’m Sara St Clair, I kill at everything. Aside from Margot Robbie, the obvious choice would have been me. “I would have thrived in that role but I adore Margot, she is one of my all time favourite celebrities. “Every role she’s had she has been spectacular. I’m confident she won’t let the audience down yet again. “Between her acting and just how gorgeous she is, I think it was the obvious role for her.

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“I’m very excited for the release and I think it’s super cool that people are embracing the Barbie thing.”And the 31-year-old, from Birmingham, Alabama, teased her fans by promising a raunchier version of the movie. She explained: “Once it is released I want to do an XXX parody of it exclusive to my fans on all my platforms. “What’s H๏τter than Hardcore Barbie having Sєx in an extravagant location.

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“It needs to happen. If I directed it, she would be all prim and popper on her obligations during the day then she gets home to her Malibu Barbie house and has Sєx with Ken in all the kinkiest ways.” The blonde bombshell is now famous for her provocative persona but she was once a lonely bookworm and a Minecraft nerd. She also has a journalism degree and one of her biggest pᴀssions is English literature. But embracing the Barbie look after growing up in poverty carved out her successful career and for that she could not be prouder.

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She said: “It is very important to me. Everyone has a type and mine is the Barbie doll type. “To me it represents a life of luxury and glamour and who wouldn’t want that? Barbie is perfect. “Her blonde is always the perfect shade, she’s thin with a pearly white smile. “Her boyfriend Ken is hella H๏τ and she drives a sports convertible and lives a rockstar life.”

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Sara added: “I stumbled on it early in middle school and at the time it was the blonde Pam Anderson types. “They absolutely resembled Barbie dolls and they were H๏τ. All I knew was I wanted to find a way to be them. “What do you know, 20 years later I did.” Sara earned the nickname ‘Hardcore Barbie’ after one of her first ever scenes in the adult industry was a gangbang.

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