Geordie Shore star teases racy OnlyFans career as stalkers ‘would make her good money’

EXCLUSIVE Geordie Shore beauty Abbie Holborn has revealed that she has been begged by her social media stalkers to get on OnlyFans so they can see her strip off

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Geordie Shore beauty Abbie Holborn has considered starting OnlyFans so she can rake it in from her “stalkers”.

The reality TV star, 25, spoke exclusively to the Daily Star about her stunning Instagram snaps and how she could maybe post pics for a price in the future.

Talking about whether she would turn to OnlyFans, Abbie said: “To be honest, I have considered it a lot, I think every single girl has thought about it once in their life.

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“If they say they haven’t then they’re lying, especially if they watching that Olivia Attwood show. It’s mental.

“I have thought about it but I think the career I want to go down at the moment is kind of doing more music and getting into DJing and that is what I want my main focus to be.”

Abbie also explained that starting an OnlyFans account would eat more into her time, which she doesn’t have a lot of due to being a businesswoman with multiple career revenues.

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She explained: “I have my clothing brand and then having another thing on top of that it would be a lot.

“People don’t realise but getting content takes a lot of time, I’ve gotta do it for my brand and then go out and get all the pH๏τos for that, so that would be a lot on top.

“My friend is on it and she said when you have to chat to people and it’s constant and when you do slow replies then you could lose subscribers. Maybe in a few years’ time though when my TV career ends.”

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But does Abbie think there would be a high demand for her racy pics?

She laughed: “Oh yeah, definitely all the stalkers want it, I reckon I would make good money off of them.”

The brunette bombshell then touched upon her already glam and saucy snaps on Instagram, saying how if she was to make money on OnlyFans she would need to ramp up her game.

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