Former Premier League star’s model Wag and ‘most beautiful woman in world’ sizzles in tiny ʙικιɴι on holiday

GRAZIANO PELLE’S wife Viktoria Varga left fans swooning after posting her latest holiday snaps.

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Viktoria, previously dubbed the “most beautiful woman in the world”, brought the heat as she sizzled in a tiny ʙικιɴι.

The Hungarian beauty has gained a mᴀssive following of 603,000 on Instagram.

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And it was not difficult to see why due to her latest pics.

Taking to the social media platform, Viktoria wore a ʙικιɴι while standing on a rooftop.

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Fans flooded the comments under her post as they reacted to the stunning pH๏τos.

One wrote: “You are wonderful 😍😍.”

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A second said: “Always pretty ❤️.”

A third typed: “You always look beautiful 🔥🔥.”

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“So beautiful 😍,” reacted a fourth.

While a fifth added: “Just gorgeous.”

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