Emily Ratajkowski spills out of ‘world’s tiniest ʙικιɴι’ as she lounges for sultry snap

Model Emily Ratajkowski continues to have her followers and admirers gushing with her recent social media post as she dons a tiny black string ʙικιɴι for a series of snaps

Emily Ratajkowski, 31, sent social media into a frenzy with her recent sultry showdown.

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The gorgeous supermodel and actress flaunted her svelte figure while promoting her clothing company in a new post uploaded to her Instagram on Saturday (May 20).

The gorgeous brunette opted for a sizzling H๏τ black ʙικιɴι following her brand’s collaboration with Mirror Palais.

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Emily poured her slender figure into the sultry swimwear piece as she opted for a jet-black bra top that showcased her impeccably chiselled abs and chest during the sultry pH๏τoshoot.

The striking model also donned a matching bottom that teased her curvacious hips and thighs as she revealed her brand’s newest additions.

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Her sultry swimwear piece included several small silver attachments contrasting perfectly with the outfit’s dark tone.

For her silky brunette tresses, Emily wanted her hair free-flowing as it cascaded onto her shoulders and chest.

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Emily’s recent post comes a few days after the model turned up the heat with gorgeous new ʙικιɴι pictures that showed every inch of her curvy figure.

In another set of saucy snaps, Em could be seen standing with her back to the shower head as water rained down on her nearly naked body.

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She put her hands in her hair as she gazed down at the floor, the shadow outlining her curvy figure as she washed her locks.

She then added a video of her derriére in a red thong ʙικιɴι and shared the top half of the sH๏τ, which saw her looking down at her hands.

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Emily launched her beauty brand Inamorata in 2017, with its first products being released that November.

The stunning model recently spoke about her company during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, where she confessed that she was ecstatic about being able to act as the head of her own project.

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She admitted: “Having my own business and working with a group of women that I love, that are my friends…that has been so enjoyable.”

Adding: “What I like now is that, in my career, things are more in my hands and in my control. Failures feel more like road bumps than huge losses, and I feel less impacted by other people saying no.”

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