Elle Brooke vows to ‘catch webs not feelings’ in skin-tight Spider-Man cosplay

Pornstar Elle Booke shared a clip to her Instagram posing in her regular clothes before flicking her wrist towards to the camera in classic Spidey style, sending her fans into a stupor

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OnlyFans sensation Elle Brooke has expanded her web of talents by sending fans wild as she cosplayed as Spider-Man.

The Marvel superhero had the makeover we didn’t know he needed, with Elle posing in his trademark crouched position in front of a city backdrop.

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The pornstar shared a clip to her Instagram posing in her normal clothes before flicking her wrist towards to the camera to transform into the the iconic outfit, without the mask.

She appeared in the figure-hugging red and blue costume, sending her fans into a stupor.

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“Catching webs not feelings,” the model, named thedumbledong on Instagram, said alongside the slick post.

“Love this!” responded one fan, with another adding: “Fab-u-lous.”

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“Beautiful girl,” added another.

It follows Elle opening up about her first experience filming with a popular UK porn star, admitting that she had been shocked by the size of his member.

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Speaking on Jaack Maate’s Happy Hour podcast, Elle mulled over her adult career and revealed that she had once been startled by the size of British star Danny D’s manhood.

“He helicoptered it in front of me, and it was so big, I was so impressed,” she remembered.

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“One of the boys I was with on my shoot, he was like, ‘no homo but can I see your d***?’ He whacked it out and all the boys were just like, ‘what the f***’.

“He’s in the top 0.01% of penises.”

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And, asked whether the experience of filming with Danny had been painful, Elle admitted: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I only put it halfway in.”

But, the adult performer stressed that she had still enjoyed the experience.

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She added: “It’s hard because he knows it’s big, he’s gentle with it, he’s not trying to destroy you.

“He’s good in the sense that he’s not trying to pierce your heart.”

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