Daniella Chavez: From her Cristiano Ronaldo confession to boasting about being on the cover of Playboy

Influencer and model Daniella Chavez is still in fashion. The Chilean, considered one of the 10 Sєxiest Latinas, has boasted on social media of a new project that has arisen and that she wanted to share with all her followers.

Daniella has a large community of almost 18 million followers on Instagram, which means that all her content gets a lot of reactions and comments.358607081 3528882630723872 7084060264303838566 n

The Chilean model wanted to share that she is going to be on the cover of Playboy, although she has not revealed in which country she will be on the cover. She is one of the most requested models for all the brands that are eager to work with her.

However, in recent times Daniella Chavez has been better known for a confession that went around the world. On social media, she ᴀssured that she had Sєx with Cristiano Ronaldo in 2015.

“If someone has Sєx with another person who is not their partner, but is a free person of mind and body without giving explanations, is that infidelity? So with Cristiano Ronaldo were we unfaithful? It was just Sєx and with permission from my side, not his! Free Sєx also exists,” she commented on her social networks.355884820 1475391259981794 1041699452706682208 n

Many did not believe her, however, Daniella was blunt: “I have even video, but cannot upload it, because it is his privacy and we are without clothes”. Meanwhile, the influencer continues with her work as a model with the famous and well-known magazine Playboy.

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