Billie Eilish Ushers In Summer With a Very Rare String Bikini Pic



Eilish hasn’t often posted pics of herself in swimwear on Instagram. The singer recently hit back at commenters accusing her of “selling out” because she has begun wearing more feminine clothes.

She wrote on a series of Instagram Stories in late May: “Letter to some comments i be seeing sometimes… 🤓 i spent the first 5 years of my career getting absolutely OBLITERATED by you fools for being boy ish and dressing how I did & constantly being told i’d be hotter if i acted like a woman 🤣 🤣

“And now when i feel comfortable enough to wear anything remotely feminine or fitting, i CHANGED and am a sellout.. and ‘what happened to her.’ oMG iT’s nOt thE sAmE biLlie she’s just like the rest, bla blah… You guys are true idiots. LOL. i can be BOTH you fucking bozos 🤓 LET WOMEN EXIST! :))))”

Eilish added, “Did you know women are multifaceted!!!!!??? shocking right?? believe it or not women can be interested in multiple things 😱 😱,” and went on: “also that femininity does not equal weakness???!!! omg?! insane right? who knew?? and also totally unheard of and insane to want to express yourself differently at different times.” These stand as Eilish’s bluntest and most straightforward comments this year regarding the public’s perception of her.

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